How GroupBuy works

Get a discount when you buy with a friend. Simple as that.

On GroupBuy there are two prices. One price if you buy an item by yourself, and another price (at a discount!) if you buy an item with a friend.

To start a group purchase, decide on an item, click the discounted price and select create group. Choose any variations and the quantity you would like. Then fill in your payment details (you won’t be charged until your group is joined by a friend). Once you click create, your group will be live for 24 hours!

You now have 24 hours to find a friend to join your group otherwise the group will expire. When your friend joins they’ll fill out their own variations, quantity and payment details. If the group expires, you can always create another!

Still got questions? More answers can be

Create a group
Open for 24 hours
Invite friends
Buy together. Both get discount.