GroupBuy FAQs

A group purchase is unique to Groupbuy. All of the products on our site have two prices. One price is the price if you buy by yourself. Then there is also a discounted price for if you buy with a friend.
To create a new group purchase click the pink discounted price button for a product. Then click the create group button. If there are any existing groups below you can also join a group. This will complete the purchase right away.
A solo purchase is the first more expensive price you see if you want to buy the product immediately without creating a group.
Once created groups remain active for 24 hours. If the group does not have another person join it after the 24 hours is up the group will be cancelled and no order will be placed.
For now group size is 2. Groups are complete and the order goes through when one additional person joins the group.
Both people will only be charged once a group has been successfully joined by another person. If the group is not completed in 24 hours, the group expires and the person who created the group is not charged. You can always create another group!
We are a marketplace, any brand large or small is able to join!
Returns are handled by the brand you bought from. You can view each brands return policy on their GroupBuy storefront. There should be a contact email for the brand in the confirmation email for the order. If you do need to contact GroupBuy we'd be happy to help at !